Pasta with Sicilian pesto sauce

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Pasta recipe with pesto sauce

I propose a delicious pasta recipe with pesto sauce, which you can prepare in about 20 minutes. The pasta recipe with pesto sauce is for 4 people and can be a wonderful lunch with family or friends.

Pesto is a sauce specific to Italian cuisine, made from basil, olive oil and parmesan. There are other variants with pine buds and other types of cheese instead of parmesan.

Ingredients: 300 g linguine pasta, 8 tablespoons almonds, 4 tablespoons grated parmesan, 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, a small link of chopped basil, 4 small tomatoes, salt, pepper.

Preparation mode: prepare the pasta according to the indications on the package. Chop the almonds and tomatoes, then set them aside. In a blender we put the grated parmesan, basil (we keep a few leaves for decoration), chopped almonds and olive oil. Stir until a sauce forms.

Pasta with Sicilian pesto sauce
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Drain the pasta and put it in the pot where it has boiled. Add the basil and almondsauce. Put the tomatoes in and mix well. Divide into four plates and serve with green basil leaves. Buon appetito!

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