Where will the first Michelin-starred restaurant open in Romania?

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History of Michelin stars

Two entrepreneurs from France, André and Édouard Michelin, tire manufacturers had a great marketing idea for increasing sales. The history of Michelin begins in 1900, when the two decided to publish a guide for drivers containing maps, practical information, interactions for repair, changing tires and of course the list of all the hotels and restaurants where they could be found. The idea was to encourage as many people as possible to buy cars so that the demand for tires would increase.

Where the first Michelin-starred restaurant will open in Romania
Photo by guide.michelin.com

The Michelin Guide was printed in 35,000 copies and distributed free of charge to drivers in hotels, restaurants and mechanical workshops anywhere in France. In the years that followed, the Michelin brothers developed their guides for other areas of the Francophone space such as: the Alps-Rhine area, Northern Italy, Southern Italy and Corsica, Switzerland, Germany, Bavaria and the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Belgium, North Africa, Algeria and Tunisia.

The First World War led to the cessation of the Michelin guide, and between 1918-1920 only its older editions were published. Starting from the premise that people will not respect or trust something that is free, they have changed the format of the guide. The restaurants at that time were listed by certain categories, and they dropped ads.

The Michelin brothers realized that the most popular section of the guide was that of restaurants and hired a team of inspectors to visit the premises and write reviews. The inspectors kept their character anonymous, which is still the case today. In 1926 they made a ranking of quality restaurants, giving a single Michelin star to the truly remarkable establishments. In 1931 they introduced the hierarchy of 1; 2 and 3 stars.

Michelin Stars

Fairytale Events at La Maison des Jardins
Stephane Oprea & Martin Berasategui

Getting Michelin stars means immense satisfaction but also pressure and responsibility at the same time. Award-winning chefs are making a constant effort, but many of the world’s brilliant chefs have given in to the pressure and even given up on the stars by explicitly demanding that they no longer be considered. And yes, Michelin stars can be withdrawn!

The Michelin guide awards the stars according to the following criterion: the food on the plate and nothing else. This food, however, is thoroughly analyzed, taking into account the quality of the ingredients, the chef’s craftsmanship, creativity, the quality-price ratio, in compliance with culinary standards:

  1. A Michelin star, for a very good restaurant in the category.
  2. Two Michelin stars, for an excellent kitchen, worth a detour.
  3. Three stars for an exceptional kitchen, which is worth taking a trip to there.

The first Michelin-starred restaurant in Romania

Fairytale Events at La Maison des Jardins
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A niche restaurant, with quality standards such as those with Michelin stars, is addressed to a select local and international clientele, professionals and lovers of French gastronomy, fine cuisine, haute cuisine, clientele who appreciates French culture. If you are curious and you love gastronomy, try at least once in your life to feel the wonders prepared by the Master Chefs.

The first michelin-starred luxury restaurant in Romania will open in the new building of the Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute in Săftica, declared us the President of Disciples Escoffier Romania, Stephane Oprea. The restaurant will be run by 3 great chefs of international gastronomy: Chef Martin Berasatequi – 12 Michelin stars, Chef Ciprian Nicolescu and Chef Vitalie Nofit – 1 Michelin star.

You want a new career
Ciprian Nicolescu – Lecturer of the Culinary Institute Disciples Escoffier

It is a large-scale project with a budget exceeding one million euros. It is a great advantage that the Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute operates in the same building as the restaurant where students can perform the practice. Student work laboratories are equipped to the highest standards. The restaurant will have an elegant, refined interior in contemporary style, and the production cuisine will be equipped according to Michelin-starred restaurants that differ from ordinary or hotel ones.

As regards the capacity of the Michelin-starred restaurant, a standard on the capacity of seats, food products, as well as the obligation to use the raw material from local agricultural producers, not more than 50 km from the area where the premises are located, must be observed. The restaurant will have a Michelin star, which is represented in all the guides as a six-petal popcorn, a kind of daisy.

Where will the first Michelin-starred restaurant open in Romania? 1
Vitalie Nofit – Image from disciplesescoffier.ro

When the restaurant receives a Michelin star it means that it serves the food of the highest quality and of course in the spirit of the guide it means that it is worth a stop on the already planned route. Therefore, we look forward to booking a meal at the Michelin-starred restaurant to fully enjoy the sophisticated dishes of the Masters in gastronomy.

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