6 breathing techniques

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Techniques for correct breathing

There are 6 techniques for proper breathing. These techniques are the objective of breathing exercises that change our usual way of breathing and help our body retain carbon dioxide essential for cellular metabolism (gas exchanges between cells and blood).

Oxygen is used in oxidation reactions, so we need to breathe fresh, fresh air. Much of the other chemical reactions in the body depend on the concentration of carbon dioxide. That’s why it’s good to walk as often as possible to places where we can breathe oxygen-rich air. The mountain, the forests are the places where we recharge our batteries. Especially when we take a deep breath, we will feel tired, heavy and suffer from headaches.

This is because the concentration of carbon dioxide in the body becomes very low. When we hold our breath for a few minutes, the exchange of gases in the blood is better and there is more carbon dioxide needed for cellular metabolism.

The secret of health and longevity through breathing techniques

6 breathing techniques
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Breathing sustains life. Proper breathing helps us avoid disease and keep us healthy. We need to do breathing exercises twice a day, before breakfast, in the morning and at least three hours after the last meal in the evening. It is best to do these exercises outdoors or in a well-ventilated room. Always try to breathe through your nose as much as possible.

There are 6 breathing techniques. We all know what breathing means, we do this involuntarily, by instinct. However the lack of physical exertion, the extra pounds, the wrong positions of the spine, cause the change of our respiratory patterns.

Full breathing

6 breathing techniques
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We can perform the exercises by standing, sitting on a chair or lying down. Muscles must be relaxed and eyes closed. Slowly breathe through the nose, trying to fill the lower part of the lungs first, the front of the abdomen must move forward. Then fill the middle part of your lungs – the lower part of the chest must widen.

At the end, the upper part of the lungs is full, the ribcage moves upwards, and the upper ribs and shoulders expand slightly. Now try to unite all three phases into a slow, continuous inspiration that extends the ribcage from top to bottom and fills it with air. The air should be exhaled slowly, on the nose, and the chest is slightly swollen. As you exhale, the abdomen gradually deflates.

Try to watch a child breathe and imitate what you’ve noticed. When you become familiar with the technique of complete breathing, you are ready to learn special breathing rhythms. By keeping our breathing on purpose, we can help improve energy in our body, improve the functioning of the endocrine glands, regulate the heart rate and increase the level of oxygen in the blood, which increases the speed of oxidation processes.

It is no surprise that breathing exercises help to lose excess weight. If you spend 10-15 minutes a day practicing full breathing, you can extend your life by years.

Therapeutic breathing

6 breathing techniques
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It is best to do the exercises from the lying position, but if necessary, you can also sit on a chair or standing. Inhale through your nose for two seconds, hold your breath for eight seconds, and then exhale through your nose for four seconds. The general pattern is 1:4:2,inspire:hold your breath:exhale.

You can do this exercise for two minutes, morning and evening. Note: the break is four times longer, and the exhalation is twice as long as the exhalation.

Cleaning breath

This type of breathing cleanses the lungs, stimulates the respiratory centers and helps to fortify and regenerate our cells. Inhale for two seconds through your nose, the same as breathing, hold your breath for three seconds, then prick your lips and let the air out a little for 12 seconds. If there’s any air left in the lungs, exhale it completely. Do this exercise in the morning and evening for two minutes each time.

Solar-lunar breathing

6 breathing techniques
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Our daily restorative cycle depends on the influence of the Sun, the Moon and the stars. Proper breathing on the nose is vital to our health. When we breathe through the nose, 80% of the dust and microbes are stopped and neutralized by the nasal mucous membrane. The nose acts as a gate that stops all kinds of infections from reaching the airways.

When we have a stuffy nose and breathe through the mouth, unfiltered air, with microbes, reaches the larynx, trachea and bronchi, causing inflammation not only of the airways, but also of the gastrointestinal tract. Children who breathe through the mouth have underdeveloped thyroid gland, their body develops harder, their digestive system does not function properly, they cool frequently, they get the flu or it hurts their throat.

Many types of bacterial infections (streptococcus or staphylococcus) are caused by unfiltered air entering the mouth. Breathing on the mouth causes aging before time, heart problems and asthma in adults. We need to learn to adjust our breath as we speak. For the same reason we should not talk much at the table. It is best to eat slowly,to be relaxed and to focus on chewing.

The technique that stimulates the monthly and solar influence of breathing is as follows: cover the right side of the nose with your right thumb, breathe on your left nose for two seconds, pause for two seconds, and then exhale for four seconds. Then cover the left narand do the same exercise.

Repeat this alternate exercise 10-12 times for each earthen. This technique relaxes the nervous system, improves mood, eliminatesfatigue and helps relieve cold symptoms, rheumatic pain and headaches.

Vietnamese breathing technique

6 breathing techniques
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Slowly breathe through the nose and inflate the abdomen as much as possible, pause for 1-2 seconds, exhale slowly and deflate the abdomen completely, then pause 1-2 seconds. You can use the inspiration scheme – two seconds, pause – two seconds, exhale – four seconds, pause – two seconds.

You can do this exercise in series of ten in the first week, 15 in the second week and 20 in the third week. After a month, you can do 30-60 series, depending on how you feel. This technique is an exceptional massage for the intestines, liver and pancreas. Remember, breathing sustains life!

Life is not only to be alive, but to be good for you in life.

Marcus Valerius Martial

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