Why it’s good to consume carrot juice

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Carrot juice, king of vegetables

Carrot juice helps to cleanse the body, it is known that many toxins overload the liver. Carrot juice is similar to blood, in structure and content, except that it has a magnesium atom instead of iron atom. A glass of carrot juice contains the entire recommended daily dose of vitamins and microelements.

Carrot juice, therapeutic recommendations

carrot juice
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Carrot juice contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, PP, K, E, niacin, vitamin C,magnesium, sulfur, copper, bromine, volatile aspargin and duacarin oil, protein, carbohydrates, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus.

Carrot juice improves the appearance of teeth, hair and nails. In cosmetics the carrot is used to give freshness to the skin, prevents aging and the formation of wrinkles, combats spots, especially those that occur with age. This juice has a depurative action, by massive elimination of toxins, being recommended in dermatosis.

Carrot juice is considered a basic remedy in many diseases of the digestive system. It acts in the inflammatory gastrointestinal states, regulating intestinal transit, both in constipation and diarrhea, being appreciated in the treatment of acute dyspepsia and diarrhea of infants.

Many disorders of the liver and digestive system are caused by the deficiency of certain elements that can be obtained from carrot juice. Various skin allergies, eczema, rashes and disorders of the lymphatic system disappear if we regularly consume carrot juice. This juice helps cleanse the body of toxins that overload the liver. Toxins are transferred to the lymphatic system and then released into the skin through the pores.

carrot juice
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Dissolved toxins are yellow or orange in color. If there are many toxic deposits in the body, the skin turns yellow. It is a normal phenomenon, and the skin will return to its natural color once the toxic substances are removed. In some cases, this process can take between 6 and 12 months.

Its bactericidal action is manifested in colibacilosis, and anti-parasitic indications refer to the control of tapeworm. In the case of treatment of liver diseases, it is a good remedy of traditional medicine in jaundice. By diuretic action, uric acid is eliminated, being thus recommended in uric lithiasis, rheumatism, gout, rheumatoid arthritis.

Carrot juice is excellently vitaminizing, having the effect of accelerating growth in children, increases resistance to infections, preserves the resistance of epithelials, increasing visual acuity. Helping to regulate red blood cells, it is also a remedy for anemias in children and convalescents. Used by nursing mothers, it has a galactogog effect by increasing the amount of milk.

Recent research has demonstrated the vasodilating effect, at the coronary level, being recommended as a hypoglycemic in diabetes. Carrots have anti-haemorrhagic, analgesic and healing properties, having favorable effects in the treatment of wounds, ulcers, eczema and frostbite.

Carrots, way of use

carrot juice
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Carrots can be consumed as such or in the form of juice. Juice obtained in the mixer, 100 ml in the early morning, as diuretic, depurative, antianemic and gastrointestinal.

Soup of 500 g g g carrots, finely chopped or finely chopped, boiled 1/2 hour, preferably 1/4 hour, under pressure, pass and make up to 1 litre with boiling water. It is given in case of diarrhea in newborns, gradually replaced by milk.

The leaves have astringent properties, the fresh decoction of them can be used in gargles for afts, stomatitis, as well as as as local baths or compresses in frostbite. Masks with simple or simple shaved carrots or with the addition of cream or daily skin lots with fresh juice are made in cosmetics.

Some people are skeptical about the effectiveness of carrot juice therapy because they find it too simple. Let’s trust Einstein’s opinion: “Everything that’s brilliant is simple.”

Don’t forget to exercise and relax. Any therapy combined with movement hastens the recovery process. Life in the modern world is full of tension and stress. They cannot be avoided, but should not be accumulated.

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