Beautiful and velvety hands with 5 natural remedies

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Beautiful and velvety hands

We’re always concerned about having nice hands. A beautiful hand is a sign of elegance and distinction. Every woman has to take care of the beauty of her hands as well as her complexion. Having nice hands– it’s not a challenge , it’s a routine that we have to take into account in any daily activity.

Because we used to wash dishes, if we do not yet have a washing machine, it is good to get used to wearing protective gloves. After we’re done, rinse and dry the palms, and at the end we massage them with a few drops of olive oil.

Beautiful and velvety hands with 5 natural remedies
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For beautiful and velvety hands, it is good to immerse your fingers for 10 minutes in warm water in which we have added a tablespoon of olive oil. The skins of the nails will also soften. For soft, non-resistant nails, which break easily it is good to apply around them with the help of a cotton wool, an iodine solution or a mixture of lemon juice and castor oil.

In the morning and evening, it is good to massage the nails with a greasy cream in which we add vitamin A, oily. Warm baths can be made in vegetable oil for 10 minutes a day. The nails are rubbed with half a lemon and greased with olive oil.

5 natural remedies for beautiful hands

Olive oil, treatment for nails and cuticles. Soak your fingertips in a little heated olive oil. It will act not only at the cuticle level, but also at the nail level,which it will moisturize in depth. For extra shine, add a few drops of lemon to the bowl.

For cracked, rough or very dehydrated hands,we apply olive oil before bedtime, massage the palms to get as well into the skin as possible, then wear gloves at night. By morning the epidermis recovers and regains its softness.

Beautiful and velvety hands with 5 natural remedies
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Strong and resilient nails. We can have beautiful hands and strong nails using natural remedies at our fingertips. To 100 ml sesame oil, add the juice from a lemon. We vigorously rub the nails with the obtained solution, so that the preparation penetrates very well. Wipe your hands and grease them with a little olive oil.

Lotion for warts. Clean and crush a healthy onion, salt it andthe juice obtained is applied to warts in the morning and evening. If the problem is more extensive, make a poultice with grated onions, kitchen salt and clay, in equal parts. The mixture is applied to the affected places, fixing it with an abrasive dressing.

Natural remedy for warts. Apply compresses with apple vinegar,which is leave overnight. You can also apply dandelion tincture compresses for 10 minutes per day. Treatment lasts a month. You can also make compresses with lemon juice that we let act all night. Daily grease the affected place with fresh dandelion juice and rostrum until the warts disappear. In the morning and evening, dab the place with marigold tincture for 30 days. You can also make applications with garlic juiceuntil they disappear.

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